Just Slow Down

Rest, Self-care

Today I slept.  Not in a metaphorical sense where I just zombied through the day.  I took a nap.

I needed it.  I have a drive to check off all the things on my list, and I feel awful if I don’t.  The cool thing is, after I had completed most of what I needed to do this morning and I got to the one I hadn’t done yet (“prayer”) I started to pray, and I might have heard God talk back.  What He might have said was “Go take a nap.”

I’m a lot of things right now.  I’m a husband, grad student, student-counselor, worship leader, sometime discussion leader, aspiring writer, friend, son, grandson and great-grandson.  And in the midst of the responsibilities I think I hear God telling me to slow down.  You know, Sabbath.  Rest.  Rest in His love.

Originally Posted March 30, 2010


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