How could we not?

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Earlier this morning, the entire campus of my university was shown the following video during one of our chapel services. As I sat there listening to the words of a famous comic and magician, I was convicted. And it was bad. Take a look…

His analogy got me. Completely got me.

As disciples of Jesus we clearly understand the IDEA of following the Great Commission, but it’s hard to remember to put that into action. Personally, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the day to day of life. It’s easy to sneer at the person that cuts you off in line. It’s easy to be angry towards a stranger. It’s easy to speak scarring words. It’s just too easy. And we blame it on life.

Now sure, there’s the whole “easy” way of evangelizing where we stand on street corners and pass out tracts like advertisements. But frankly, I’ve become embarrassed to be called a part of the “Christian” body when people are yelling and saying these things. Demanding change without interest in who the people are could never ignite a full change. When did we decide this was the appropriate way to bring in the lost?

Instead, we are called to love our neighbor, and we should be using every opportunity we have to show that love. Every action, every word, every deed. Eternity is too important for us not share the hope that we have been given.

Investing in lives is the key. It’s growing a foundation of communication, a foundation of compassion. It’s letting the lost see past the “hypocritical Christian” and allowing love to take center stage.

Sharing the truth and grace has a tendency to become uncomfortable, but why should we be afraid of such a thing? The love we have been given is undeserved, so a little discomfort is nothing compared to Christ’s sacrifice.

So truthfully, how could we not give it back?


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