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The apostle James writes that the way we speak controls our lives.  In the same way that you are what you eat, it’s true that you are what you say.  Our language changes the way we view the world…The kingdom of God implies a new citizenship, giving Jesus’ followers a new identity.  If our citizenship is in heaven, this truth should change the way we talk.  The word we, if a person is truly born again, will refer to the new people into whom a Christian has been born: the church.  Christians can no longer refer to “our troops” or “our history” because of their new identity.  Fabricated boundaries and walls are removed for the Christian.  One’s neighbor is not only from Chicago but also from Baghdad.  One’s brother or sister in the church could be from Iran or California – no difference!  Our family is transnational and borderless; we are in Iraq, and we are in Palestine.  And if we are indeed to become born again, we will have to begin talking like it, changing the meaning of we, us, and our.  We see the question of whether we should intervene in a case like Hitler in a whole new light when we change our allegiance and language: the resounding answer is yes: we, the church, should certainly help and intervene – but as Christians.

Shane Claiborne & Chris Haw (Jesus for President, 314)


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