My Neglect.

God, Grace, Love

I’ve been experiencing some head-splitting migraines lately. The most recent episode was a couple of days ago. As  I was lying down on the couch, eyes closed, cold pack pressed to my neck, I began to hate the intolerable noise of the house. I kept wishing that it would just stop. Stop. STOP. But it didn’t.

I soon realized that I am too easily distracted and caught up in the normal noise of my life. It overwhelms me. It confuses me. It frustrates me. And I still choose to participate in the activities I think I “have” to do. Point-blank, I’ve neglected the most important thing in my life too many times. I’ve made it too easy.

God, forgive me for my tendencies to forget and neglect You.

You know, there’s nothing quite like a pounding pain to give you a wake-up call.


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