Here’s to…

God, Journey

B.B. King's Restaraunt & Blues Club, Nashville, TN.

Going to a new city used to frighten me.  I can remember the anxiety I experienced as an eight year old boy riding to stay the night at my grandmother’s house just down the road from my house.   I can remember the fear of new places when we moved 15 miles to a new city when I was about 12.  The gut wrenching uneasiness when I moved 11 hours for college.  Going to a new city used to frighten me; to be honest it still does.  I spent today with my wife & her family shopping in Nashville, TN.  There was no fear, and it wasn’t just because I wasn’t the one driving.  It was an adventure instead of something to dread.  Granted this was a day trip an hour and  a half from where my wife’s family lives, but there was a time in the not so recent past when this wouldn’t have been an enjoyable day for me.

That said, I look forward to moving with my wife from the city where we’ve spent the majority of our adult life.  I know that while we’ll be driving the big ole van to the high plains we won’t really be the ones directing our life.  I know that it isn’t something to dread, but an adventure to be had.  I also know that adventures aren’t all fun; they’re usually full of trials, traps, misdirections and danger.  But they’re also fun because of who you go with, and I’ve got my best friend in the world to go with, and I have a God who is the best director in the universe.

Here’s to adventure.  Here’s to the High Plains.  Here’s to the King.

Happy New Year.


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