Kingdom of God

I composed this song as I was challenged by the life of Daniel who we know of in part, his life marked by several extraordinary events, but what do we know of Daniel in those silent years—from the period when he interpreted the dreams of the king to the writing on the wall to the moment his devotion to Yahweh sentenced him to the snares of a lion’s den. Approximately fifty years had passed between those illustrious days. Fifty years of anonymous living, his past glory lost in a past kingdom. Fifty years unrecorded; unnewsworthy. All we know of those subdued years is recorded in Daniel 6:10 “He went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.”


Verse 1:

Fifty years have gone, from the time the scrolls recorded I interpreted the dreams of a king/Displaced in a land alone, but in the season of the common I persisted to pray everyday/ Blameless in the eyes of God, yet imprisoned in the den of the lions my faith carries on.


How will I live between the verses;

when the days are so ordinary still?

How will I live between the verses.

Has my heart become indifferent to Your Will?

How will I live between the verses;

I won’t surrender my Passion just to live for the thrill


Just to honor you, to give you the glory is never redundant.

Just to honor you, mired in mediocrity you are extraordinary still

Verse 2:

I’ve been ignored so long, searching for praises and flattery for my labor…I’m done/ But the Spirit whispers please hold on, despite the sheer obscurity and the fear of inattention, press on/ Six feet underground, my life left anonymous but I hear the lord say, ‘well done.’


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