The Links 3.15.11

The Links

Welcome back to the links. This week, in honor of the current discussion in evangelicalism, we present the Rob Bell/Love Wins edition of links. We encourage you to work through the issues raised with thoughtfulness and with Scripture study. Enough said, on to the links:

The Love Wins page.  Watch the video, then read this parody by Mike Wittmer.

The review that started the response, by Justin Taylor.

The Love Wins interview by Lisa Miller of Newsweek with Rob Bell.

Thanks to my friend, Matt Bell, for this link to an interview by Martin Bashir of MSNBC with Rob Bell on his position on the importance of Christ in this lifetime.

Kevin DeYoung’s in depth review of Rob Bell’s book Love Wins.


One thought on “The Links 3.15.11

  1. I really liked what Kevin DeYoung had to say in his review. I have had concerns about Bell’s views/theological leanings for quite some time. Thanks for sharing the link.

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