Theology Thursday 1.24.2013

Grace, Old Testament

Genesis 31-33: Rachel tricks her father, Jacob overcomes, and God brings relational restoration.

The people that God chooses to follow Him are never perfect. We often are greedy, self-seeking and act for our benefit before thinking of anyone else. Rachel, although she had seen the faithfulness of God, decided that she would try to ensure the blessing she might have gotten from her father Laban by stealing his household idols. Jacob didn’t have any clue that she had done this, but I can’t help but wonder what the outcome might have been if Jacob had set the precedent of trusting God in his family.  Maybe Rachel would have been more inclined to trust God too.

Whatever the possibilities, Jacob finally came to a place where he was willing to pursue God’s blessing from God rather than from some other source, and because of his willingness God blessed him. I love the picture of Jacob and Esau reuniting, which is a direct result of Jacob’s trust in the God he had come to know: Jacob is rightfully worried that the brother whose blessing and rights he had stolen might kill him but he is willing to follow God regardless of the outcome.  Meanwhile, Esau’s feelings towards his brother appear to have changed and his greeting of his brother Jacob is a lot like the father in the parable of the lost son (Luke 15:20).  Esau runs to him, hugs him and kisses him on the cheek.  Jacob didn’t deserve this greeting, but God is good to those who are willing to obey Him even when they don’t deserve it.


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