Jesus, Story

I love stories.

I’ve loved them as long as I can remember.

The first stories I remember were stories from books.

Book stories were so interesting to me at the age of four that I did everything I could to learn from my mom how to read.

I can still remember the frustration that I had with phonics, the arguments that I would have with my mom as we sat on her bed.

Timothy, this word says ‘cat’.

No it doesn’t!

Yes it does; sound it out with me.

Cue intentional mispronunciation after I realized that it did, in fact, say ‘cat’.

Now that I can read stories on my own I’ve realized that reading stories makes me want to have stories of my own to tell. Some of my desire to have stories of my own to tell has resulted in writing stories. Actually, its technically resulted in starting stories. On a typewriter. Because I have a desire to be different than other people. See the story of pronouncing ‘cat’ above.

Other stories that I want to tell are the stories I want to have lived. I want to be the old man whose stories you want to listen to because they are gripping and inspiring, not because you are trying to be polite to an old guy. Recently I’m finding out just how difficult it can be to have a good story to tell, because good stories have conflict. Stories without conflict might be easy to live, but they are actually pretty boring. As short as it was, my story about learning to read is chock full of conflict. The bigger the conflict the better the story. Stories with conflict are really hard to live, but they’re stories that are worth living.

I’ve got to be honest: even when you believe that God has your story in His very capable hands, and you know that a story with conflict is a better story, it is scary to live through the conflict.

My wife and I have at least three life-changing things rolling around in our story right now. Changes that equal big-ole-conflict with many of the plot lines and story arcs that we can see right now.

But I trust the Author and finisher of my faith.

And I know that I will love this story some day.

I love stories with happy endings.

And my story begins and ends with Jesus.


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