The Spread of Islam, Building a Cast, and a Little Child Will Lead Them


Take a few minutes of your wonderful Saturday to check out these links:

The folks at Global Initiative talk about why training local churches to reach Muslims is imperative.
One of my favorite fiction writing blogs/podcasts talks about how to build your cast in a way that makes sense and serves the story.
This 3 minute video of interviews with Christian children who have escaped war in the Middle East may make you seriously think about Jesus’ call to forgive.

Weekend Review: Mere Churchianity

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Michael Spencer ran the influential blog The Internet Monk until his death in 2010, and Mere Churchianity: Finding your way back to a Jesus-shaped spirituality (WaterBrook Press, 2010) is the summation of his life’s work as an apostle to the church leavers.  His focus in this book is on helping those burnt out by what he called churchianity (the “do more, be better, look good for God’s sake” (p. 5) attitude found in many churches) find a way to follow the Jesus that they aren’t willing to give up on. Spencer wrote that the “purpose in writing this book is to talk to you as someone who is willing to follow Jesus, not as someone who has decided to give up on Jesus” (p. 198).  It isn’t a book for people who have decided to make up their own pick-and-choose spirituality, and Spencer isn’t necessarily anti-church.  In fact, as long as a church is making disciples of Jesus who are equipped for ministry in their individual lives then he is all for it. On to the analysis: